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Under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and supported by his tireless efforts, Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed a process of change in all development projects in the interest of the country and the citizens as well. However, this process of change requires all of us to seriously reflect on the real factors influencing the development of the contracting sector, and so to establish and stabilize this sector in front of the futureneeds and challenges. Yet, we aim through that to achieve the civil development for the country, particularly, by considering the major role contractors play in the establishment of infrastructure projects needed by citizens in the present and future as well. Further, the importance of the contracting sector can be highly recognized through the fact that it provides great number of sustainable job opportunities for young people in particular, and for various segments of society in general.

20 years ago, Almowatin International Company launched its business as one of the specialized companies in construction and architecture contracting. Since then, Almowatin has been taking well-planned steps with an objective; sustaining its reputation and the confidence of its clients. As a result, Almawatin prides its contribution to the construction of many government projects ranging from hospitals to schools and institutes through its journey to be, nowadays , one of the shortlisted companies to carry out large projects. Aspired by its interest and focus on the field of infrastructure works, Amnest Group established Dong Ah Saudi Arabia, which specializes in construction and implementation of communications and cables projects.

For about a decade, Dong Ah Saudi Arabia has implemented several projects in the field of communications, and hence, it continued doing business until it became one of the most prominent companies in the field. As a natural outcome of their extended experience in the contracting sector, Amnest group at this sector comprises now a collection of competent people in different fields including engineers, construction technicians, communication technicians. Likewise, the construction sector effectively contributes in stimulating the investment in the local manpower by qualifying Saudi youth and employing them for the companies at the contracting sector.

As the demand for more contemporary housing solutions grew, Al-Ezdehar Real Estate Company worked to provide the community with high quality housing products that meets Saudi standards and demands.

Amha Catering Company is one of the leading national catering companies that caters to a vast group of Saudi companies including hospitals and ministries. It also owns and manages a chain of fine Italian and International cuisine restaurants

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