Amha Catering Co.

Amha Catering Company, which is 50% owned to Amnest Holding, established itself in 1991, and now is offering food catering services for major companies, hospitals and ministries in Saudi Arabia. It also contracts to serve big celebrations and events.

There are two companies operating under Amha, Elite Restaurants and Gulf Lama which owns series of high-end restaurants in the Kingdome.

Elite Restaurants Company:
Elite Restaurants Company owns The Sandwich Company (TSC) chain of restaurants and Alforno Restaurants, two Saudi restaurants which serve international and Italian flavored foods.

The Sandwich Company :
Or (TSC), a modern local sandwich outlet that operates in 8 branches in Riyadh-KSA. (TSC) offers a variety of fresh snacks, especially, Burgers, Pastas and Mexican sandwiches.

Al Forno Restaurant :
A local restaurant that serves Italian flavored dishes such as pizzas, pasta and diverse menus of light food and sandwiches.

Lama Al-Khaleej Company: Owns Amore restaurant.
Amore Restaurant:
Located in Al-Tahliah Street-Riyadh, it is one of the local high-end restaurants that serves Italian foods. Amore offers best and authentic Italian cuisine surrounded by quiet and upscale ambiance. In additions, Amha Company was successful to get globally recognized health certificates as a consequence of implementing sound procedures in health, hygiene and sterilization in all of its food catering contracts and services.

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