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Amnest Group

AlNamlah Building
King Abdulaziz Road
29880 Riyadh, 11467
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: + 966 11 477-8811
Fax : + 966 11 477-0058
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In the name of Allah, the blessings and peace of Allah be upon His noblest Messenger.

The early inspiration from my father, may Allah grant him Mercy, and his keenness to my education did cultivate inside me the self-love to work and dedication to its perfection. Likewise, I will never forget the support from my wife who used to lend a hand with her ultimate care of our children was of great help to me to expand in my private business.

Thanks to Allah first, then I would like to pass my gratitude, , to Major General, Mr. Ibrahim Alssajja, may Allah grant him Mercy, for his endeavor to develop the management and leadership awareness within my private business after the time spent with him in the military. Thanks also to the staff of Amnest Group, who worked tirelessly at the Group formation and establishment phase, and were of positive impact on me.

Having touched the rapid growth of these companies, it triggered in my mind the idea of establishing Amnest Group, so, I believed that it was vital to establish an independent legal entity to follow up the company’s work , in addition to overcome obstacles that may arise. Therefore, we attracted highly competent staff to manage all the aspects of the companies work.

As a final point, on behalf of Amnest Group members of the Board of Advisors, it is pleasure to thank all the employees in the group for their nonstopping efforts towards the success of this entity. I wish them all constant success.

Eng. Abdulaziz Mohammed Alnamlah

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