Universal Halon Treatment Factory

Halon Treatment Factory

PO Box 8996,
Dammam 31492 KSA

Tel: + 966 13 812 1340/ 1433
Fax: +966 13 812 1308
E-mail : info@halon.com.sa

We form a subsidiary of AMNEST GROUP (100% SAUDI COMPANY) and We came about in the late 1990s as a result of specific demand of Saudi Navy whereby HALON has been banned internationally from use due to its adverse effects on OZONE layer and reserves are carefully monitored by Environmental Agency of Saudi Arabia.

Inherently, we are dedicated fire company who specializes in Clean Fire Agents; namely HALON systems and its replacements such as FM200 and NOVEC 1230. We stock the only available HALON recycling Machine in the Middle East and we serve the whole Gulf area with ease.

Since 2001, we have been contracted with SAUDI ARAMCO across the Kingdom to do all Maintenance of Clean Fire Agents and throughout this period, we have proven to attain a high quality standard and achieved class of distinction.

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