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Our industry sector is considered as one of the founding pillars of the country’s economy as it transforms raw materials into useful products to the people.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with an abundance in raw material such as oil, oil derivatives, minerals, gas and so on. These natural components allow the formation of a sustainable industrial boom, and accordingly, the Saudi authorities paved the way to develop the industrial sector by establishing industrial cities based on international standards in Jubail and Yanbu. This came in parallel with construction of more developed industrial areas across KSA and endorsed industrial incentives to encourage investment in this sector.

For Amnest group, this was the initial idea behind the decision to construct multiple industrial plants and focusing on transforming industries to meet market and consumer requirements.

Even though these transforming industries were categorized into the modern sector, it witnessed noticeable growth in the last three decades in comparison with other sectors, and Amnest group’s orientation towards this segment wasn’t accidental at all, as it evolved as a result of constant research and vision that addresses the needs of local and regional markets. Besides, the level of sustainability, revenue and the feasibility of investment was being met as per its own high standards.

The industrial growth of the Amnest group was and still forms a significant model and gives it a quantum leap buoyed by many projects such as SABK plant for manufacturing of industrial tools and engineering works, AMAN company which specializes in manufacturing high quality construction chemicals, stamped concrete and many other related products.

Also included is Modern Insulation Industries Company, which was established in 1992 and specializes in manufacturing turbines, thermal insulation pillows and pipe coating, Universal Halon Treatment Factory which is considered the first of its kind in KSA, specializing in recovery, recycling and reclaiming of Halon gas reserves with eco-friendly solutions, and Aloyoun Water Factory Company, which was inaugurated in 1995 and obtained a number of quality certificates such as ISO 22000 with a current production capacity of 200 million liters of bottled water a year.

Amnest group’s journey in pursuing more promising investment opportunities does not stop here, but treats it as an ongoing process. The inauguration of the Cellulose Fiber factory in 2014 is an evidence of this fact.

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