Tamkeen For Investment Development Co.

Tamkeen for Investment and Real Estate Development Company, a Saudi closed joint stock company, is specialized in housing and real estate development. Also it create flexible solutions, with a vision to provide appropriate housing to all society segments that fits their financial situations and achieve their ambitions. The modern housings that Tamkeen provides retain Saudi architectural traditions and , at the same, reflects the latest developments of modern architecture.

Tamkeen is eager to hold partnerships with companies that have extended experience in the real estate market, where they had a shared vision ; to make suitable housing solutions affordable for everyone, and to make their dreams of possessing their own houses come true through the shortest and most flexible ways of ownership.

Tamkeen has an ambition to build about 300 modern villas every year , with the highest-quality standards, yet reflecting innovative engineering formulas, unique and exceptional, in a way that enables different designs and maps to be outlined, and, what is more, implemented by different contractors.

What makes Tamkeen Villas projects special are their amazing designs which enable customer to effortlessly make best use of the spaces, to creating internal decorating as per their style and interests, to alter or renew. In view of that, Tamkeen adopts a philosophy for its design and building works that can be described as the most flexible in terms of architect and aesthetics.

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