Sabk Industrial Equipments Co.

SABK Industrial Equipments

P.O Box 27335,
Riyadh 11417
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 11 244 8738
Fax: +966 11 244 8293
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SABK Industrial Equipments Factory was estabilished in 1999 to serve its positive role, and to advance services for the local industrial markets in all different domains to restrict importation of equipments, as a main aim and national priority.

SABK Industrial Equipments Factory advances its services through manufacturing of patch plat two type the wet and dry type and also perfect production lines, in addition to making various of specialized geometric and stainless steel works, manufacturing of an industrial mixers, conveyor belt systems, repain chimneys of power generation plants, silencers, thermal insulation. SABK Factory also provides factories with a wide variety of spare parts and accessories.

And SABK have now a sole agent for many company like (Bongshine load cell, Hyundai, Chenta gear, Mix product)

Since SABK Factory has established, it abides to advancement all of expertise and consultations required to its clients through perfect qualified crew. Also it provides factories and entitles with equipments according to the best and modern manufacturing systems.

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