Aloyoun Water Factory

Aloyoun Water Factory Company was established in 1995 as a branch operating under Almanhal Water Company in Jeddah. After one year of its establishment , the ownership of the company was shared as follows: 50% owned by Abdulaziz M. Alnamlah Holding Group Company ( AMNEST) 50% owned by Mr. Mansour AbdulAziz Alkaki

Located on an area of 16,175 sq.m. in the first industrial city in Jeddah, Aloyoun employs a workforce of around 400 Saudi and multi-national employees, technicians and engineers.

At Aloyoun, state-of –the-art technologies are applied in water treatment processing and filling, with its different sizes and functions. The capacity of the water filled at Aloyoun factory is 200 million liters every year.

A wide range of clients in the Western Region are provided with our products through the large fleet of big and middle sized trucks which distribute water directly to houses or to reseller supermarkets, in addition to the distribution centers in Makkah, Medina, Yanbu, Abha and Tabuk.

Aloyoun is always seeking to improve the quality of their products by applying the highest global quality standards, through the company’s laboratories that employ a group of technicians, moreover, Aloyon cooperates with local and international laboratories.

The company has obtained a number of quality certificates, the most important of them are the quality Mark from the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO ) and the ISO 22000 certification for the safety of food products.

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